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If you can imagine it, we can make it a reality.

Go ahead and get creative, dream big and let Miniature Golf Solutions by Bailey Consulting Inc. make it happen. From course design to construction, we will be at your side to turn your vision into a reality. We can build any size course - from a small course to an elaborate adventure style course. We also specialize in props, rock and water features and much more. Check out our minigolf course design options below.

Also commonly referred to as adventure golf. Adventure style courses are typically either 18 or 36 holes, commonly located in higher trafficked tourist locations. These style courses will have drastic elevation changes, extensive rock work, play through caves, water falls and extensive theme elements. Miniature Golf Solutions has built some of the worlds finest and most profitable of these style courses. 

Miniature Golf Solutions believes that the successful indoor miniature golf courses will be similar to the courses built outdoors. Usually space limitation require that the indoor courses be significantly smaller than their outdoor counterparts. The opportunity that is created by going indoors is that mechanical elements and more delicate theming is possible.

The Miniature Golf Solutions course has been specially designed for the facility that wants to emphasize the skill of putting and maintain a distinctive hole appearance. Resort, driving range and golf course operators may find it especially suited to their environment. At the heart of the Miniature Golf Solutions Sport course is the contoured hole featuring varied surface treatments.

- Fairway/Greens Carpet
- Rough Turf Carpet
- Sand Trap Carpet
- Carved Stone Edging

Other features include water impact holes, landscape timbers, optional signature holes and custom signage!

Miniature Golf Solutions Mini Putt meets the needs of the prospective owner who has limited market, limited space and/or a restricted budget. It delivers the same quality construction and custom fit to your site associated with Miniature Golf Solutions Classic and Miniature Golf Solutions Sport courses. It is characterized by smaller, interesting holes designed to fit in areas 12,000 to 15,000 square feet and fit into budgets ranging from $150,000 to $200,000 for a complete course including water features and selected theme elements.