4 Benefits of Mini Golf for Kids

Thu, Dec 17, 2020 at 10:00AM

4 Benefits of Mini Golf for Kids

Would you believe it when we say that playing a few holes of mini golf is more than just an incredible and engaging way to spend your afternoon – it is also a beneficial developmental tool for your little ones? This family favorite recreational time offers a myriad of physical and educational benefits for children, in addition to all the fun for younger and older golfers alike. Continue reading to learn more about how a mini golf course built by Miniature Golf Solutions can leave a lasting impression on your children.

Promotes Physical Activity

One round of mini golf can burn up to 300 calories in a single hour – a comparable amount to jogging for that same amount of time. Mini golf is more than just a fun way to spend time with your family, it is also an effective disguise for a good cardiovascular workout for your kids. Allowing children to indulge in miniature golf may promote interest in other physical activities while enjoying the great outdoors.

Develops Social Aptitude

For many, mini golf may be a playful competition with friendly wagers and a surprising amount of gamesmanship. For kids, it provides important lessons in sportsmanship while gaining experience in following rules and being considerate to others. Mini golf courses are often filled with families and sharing the golfing course puts anyone on the fast track to mastering social etiquette. Abiding by the rules of the mini golf course will help build a child’s self-control and perseverance, while also developing a healthy sense of competition.

Educational Benefits

Mini golf courses may seem innocent and charming but simply playing mini golf incorporates a lot of elements and skills that are key in educating children in fields such as math, decision-making, and problem-solving. Of course, a good putt requires good hand-eye coordination as well, and we all know that practice makes perfect! Moreover, every hole on a mini golf course is designed in a unique way involving different obstacles which encourage kids to use their creativity to figure out a solution. Participants must remember how many strokes they make to reach each hole while also doing the math to calculate their overall score. The list of these benefits goes on and on!

Bonds the Family

Perhaps most importantly, mini golf is an excellent way for families to grow stronger as units. Not only will parents get to share unforgettable experiences with their kids, they will also gain better communication skills. As an activity that is accessible for all ages, mini golf can be enjoyed by the entire family – no matter how little your kids might be. Anyone can excel at the sport; all it takes is plenty of practice and repetition. The whole family can enjoy the benefits of a mini golf course while having fun and strengthening the ties that bind them.

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