4 Reasons to Give Thanks for Mini Golf This Holiday Season

Wed, Oct 20, 2021 at 9:00AM

4 Reasons to Give Thanks for Mini Golf This Holiday Season

As the holiday season approaches and people eagerly look for activities to enjoy with family and friends, mini golf seems to be topping everyone’s list. Although mini golf is something that can be enjoyed all year round, there is something fun and festive about being outdoors during the holiday season, surrounded by beautiful weather, glowing holiday lights and all- around cheerful vibe.

With such a wide range of miniature golf courses around, there is something for everyone– adventure, festive, spooky, and nature-filled are a few of the popular themed courses where family and friends can enjoy some laid back fun! Here are our top four reasons to give thanks for mini golf this holiday season.

All age groups get to have fun together

Looking for an activity that can bring together grandparents and grandchildren while enjoying the weather outdoors? Mini golf is an activity that allows all ages to have a great time together without doing something extra strenuous. Everyone can enjoy playing at their own pace without worrying about how skilled they are at the game. Children, parents, and seniors are all bound to appreciate a chance to share some laughs together as they navigate through various obstacles while playing a game of mini golf.

Team bonding before the holidays

Having an opportunity to bond with the work team before everyone takes off for the holidays is a great way to end the year. Find a mini golf course that suits your team’s dynamic and set up a few rounds of some friendly competition. Mini golf provides time to socialize outside the office and mingle with colleagues that are not generally able to socialize while occupied by work commitments and deadlines.

Entertainment beyond the screens

As mini golf becomes more common and popular across the world, it provides people with an opportunity to find an engaging and healthy way to have some fun. With technology taking over so many aspects of our lives today, it is refreshing to have an opportunity to find some entertainment that doesn’t include being in front of a screen for hours. Some fresh air, physical activity, and lots of fun are yet more reasons to be thankful for mini golf!

It teaches valuable lessons in life

Miniature golf is a game that provides laughter and entertainment but also teaches patience and perseverance. Whether it is played seriously or for fun, mini golf regularly improves hand-eye coordination, as well as teaches focus and strategy.

This holiday season, spend some extra time catching up with loved ones while playing a game of mini golf and enjoying the beautiful outdoors. And if you love the game enough to want to create your own mini golf course design, partner with us at Miniature Golf Solutions and together let’s make your dreams a reality!

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