Creating a Full Sensory Experience at Your Miniature Golf Course

Mon, Oct 14, 2019 at 4:41PM

Creating a Full Sensory Experience at Your Miniature Golf Course

There’s nothing quite like a fun afternoon or evening on the “tiny links” of a miniature golf course. In fact, for centuries people have enjoyed this activity, which many view as both a sport and a hobby.

Today, scores of tourists across the country seeking enjoyable and affordable entertainment for the whole family flock to a nearby course to log hours of fun and enjoyment. But did you know that you owning and operating your own miniature golf course is a simple and straight-forward process? It could be the lucrative opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

Use these ideas to turn your course into a sensory experience your customers will never forget, and one that can boost your business goals through word-of-mouth recommendations.

Sight and Sound

Nearly everything we encounter during the day affects at least one of our senses. Most often, it’s sight and/or sound that take the lead. That’s part of the reason why smartphones and digital tools have become so popular in recent years.

This reality also demonstrates how strategically-placed sights and sounds are essential. For instance, you could use lights to create a sort of fun obstacle. Or, you might have certain sounds play when a patron makes a hole-in-one. The celebration factor alone will delight your customers. In fact, the sky’s the limit to your creativity in this regard.

As you take steps to designing a mini golf course, remember to include strong visual and emotional appeal. Not only does this create a memorable brand identity for your course, but you’ll also benefit from both new and repeat business. Get started by teaming with mini-golf contractors who have a proven track record of success.

Touch and Texture

Touch is another powerful sense. We’re all influenced by different textures. Sometimes, we’re reminded of pleasant memories from the past. Other textures (such as a fuzzy felt ground or smooth golf ball) simply feel good, and are fun to touch. Kids, especially, like to experience life by touching and feeling surfaces, to see how they differ from one another.

Even if your patrons aren’t physically touching elements in and around your mini golf course, simply the visual is often enough to make a lasting impact. The first step is to team with a dynamic miniature golf course designer who can help you create a one-of-a-kind and intriguing course.

Smell and Taste

While accomplishing the goal of meeting smell and taste senses is difficult to do on the mini golf course itself, you could boost your sales and marketability by adding a snack bar on site. This way, hungry players can take a break before they get back on the course for more fun.

Other added amenities include an arcade, game room, celebration center (for birthdays and parties), and similar. Your skilled and qualified minigolf designer will also have valuable insight and advice on how to make your course unique and interesting.

Other Innovations

One of the first decisions you’ll make is whether your course will be inside or outside. Some outlets even feature a “best of both worlds” scenario. Outdoor courses are ideal for areas where the climate is favorable most of the year. Meanwhile, an indoor course grants you more control over how best to use your business space. That means you could create an innovative and challenging course even in the heart of the city.

You might also promote your course as the perfect spot for team building activities, fundraisers, teen night festivities, as part of your hotel amenities design, and more. The first step is to contact an established company, expert at minigolf course design.

For more than 25 years, we’ve worked with clients across the country and the globe to build creative and eye-catching miniature golf courses that attract customers and generate income year-round. Browse our website to see photos of recent projects. Then, contact us today to get started on an outstanding mini golf course of your own.

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