Adventure Golf: How to Create a Memorable Experience

Sun, Sep 15, 2019 at 4:35PM

Adventure Golf: How to Create a Memorable Experience

There’s nothing quite like the timeless joy of miniature golf. It’s a versatile activity that all ages can enjoy. That’s because whether you choose to golf in the day or at night, inside or outside, with a group of friends, or even as a couple, a miniature golf excursion can always provide a fun and relaxing experience.

These reasons and more are also what make building a mini golf course such a sound investment strategy. You’ll benefit from a steady stream of both new and repeat customers. When you add other amenities to your course and property, you can further maximize your profit potential.

The trick, however, is to ideate and implement a course that will get noticed, and keep people coming back for more. Particularly if you live in an area where other entertainment options exist, it’s essential to find ways to stand out from the pack. Thankfully, there are ways to ensure your mini golf construction turns heads and translates into continued business. Here are some of the most popular:

Start with a Solid Theme

A theme sets the stage for the entire experience at your miniature golf course. This is where you can demonstrate your creativity and flair for a stellar customer experience. There are many options available to you, from water features, to innovative use of lighting, changes in elevation, landscaping (authentic and pre-fabricated), and more.

The main idea is to choose a course theme that will leave a lasting impression with your guests. That way, they’ll be more likely to return on their own, and also recommend your facility to friends and loved ones who might be visiting the area.

Be Creative

When it comes to the features on your miniature golf course, the sky is virtually the limit. Of course, you’ll have budget considerations and other possible restrictions to keep in mind. Still, when you want to present a mini golf course that gets attention, creativity is a central focus.

For instance, you might include a roller coaster-style theme, or even save this idea for a particular hole. Maybe your course will tell a story from one area to the next. Or perhaps you’ll take guests on a “world tour” of some of the most visited sites around the globe.

When you work with a dynamic mini golf course designer, you can implement all the ideas that will generate revenue, and make your attraction one that stands the test of time.

Observe the Competition

Of course, one of the key elements in business success is to know what other organizations are doing “right” and “wrong,” and then using that information to your advantage.

While you wouldn’t want to copy the concept of a miniature golf course close to your location, there will be many chances to observe the pitfalls and shortcomings of your competition. Then, you and your mini golf designer can create a course that addresses potential opportunities for advancement and business success.

One of the best ways to perform this research is to actually visit other locations, or ask an associate or friend to patronize the attraction, and then report to you their observations.

Keep People Interested and Wanting More

As mentioned, people love the fun and excitement that goes along with an outstanding miniature golf experience. Along with the discussed ideas, you can also highlight your course by offering “glow days,” adventure ideas, interesting promotions, and similar.

While you contemplate the best ways to design a mini golf course, remember that there’s no need to go it alone. Instead, professional assistance is available. In fact, for more than 25 years we’ve helped business owners just like you in the creation and development of truly memorable putt putt golf course design. Browse our website to view recent projects. Then, contact us today to get started on a unique miniature golf course of your own.

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