4 Miniature Golf Course Design Ideas

Thu, May 16, 2019 at 4:51PM

4 Miniature Golf Course Design Ideas

Few entertainment options have stood the test of time. These days, there always seems to be something newer and more exciting to capture our attention. But there still exist a few timeless attractions. One of them is the movies. Despite changing tastes, economic fluctuations, and similar shifts in habit, people still love a pleasant night out at the movies. Another fun selection that’s stood the test of time is miniature golf.

Read on to discover some of the most popular ideas when it comes to crazy golf course design. You’ll also learn how rewarding and profitable it can be to own an attraction where people from miles around make a special trip to enjoy themselves and make precious memories with friends and family.

1) Indoor Courses

You may have noticed that most putt-putt golf course construction is featured outside. Nothing compares to the sheer fun of being in the fresh air on a pleasant afternoon or night. But what happens when the weather takes a turn? No matter in what part of the country you live, there will be times when sour weather puts a damper on outdoor fun. That’s when building your course completely or partially inside makes sense.

When you work with a dynamic miniature golf course builder, you’ll also benefit from valuable advice and assistance on a variety of considerations, including the very best location for your miniature golf course.

2) Outdoor Courses

It’s true that one of the main benefits of outdoor courses is they can be viewed while people are passing by. This is a great way to attract tourists strolling through the area. Many times, folks might be busy at the very moment they view your course but will make plans to patronize your business on another day of their vacation.

In addition, outdoor courses enable you to fully embrace the main focal points of crazy golf construction. That includes sight, sound, and the “actions” (interaction, reaction). You could also get the best of both worlds, building part of your course inside, with other elements in the out-of-doors. This way, no matter what Mother Nature musters, your business can still serve customers and make money.

3) Adventure Golf and Themed Courses

As mentioned, people are always looking for new and interesting ways to have good, clean fun without breaking the bank. They’ve come to realize that mini golf is a timeless attraction that’s sure to produce fun times for everyone. Now’s your chance to take those prospects to a new level by offering something truly unique to your guests.

For example, you might choose to center your miniature golf course on a theme, such as dinosaurs, ancient ruins, under the sea, lost world, history, nature, around the globe tours, food fun, and other ideas. In addition, black light courses have become increasingly popular in recent years. The first step is to partner with miniature golf course builders with a proven track record of success.

4) Your Personalized Vision

While gleaning ideas from others is a good way to get a feel for what might work best at your own miniature golf course, it’s important to always keep your specific goals and dreams in mind. This is a business that can be highly-profitable for decades to come. That’s why it’s wise to consider such factors as fun and challenging holes, the best size for your course, curb appeal, and more.

You’ll also want to work with the very best mini golf construction company around, to ensure your course is built safely, responsibly, and will set you and your loved ones up for real success. Your professional builder can also provide advice and guidance on other factors, such as location, target area population, tourist attraction potential, visibility, competition, how to work with existing topography, and much more.

For more than 25 years, we’ve delighted countless business owners across the country with the innovative and exciting courses we’re able to design and create. Our friendly and knowledgeable team members have extensive experience in all phases of miniature golf course development and operations. Browse our website to see photos from recent projects. Then, contact us today to get started on a miniature golf course of your own that’s sure to attract attention and customers.

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