Choosing the Perfect Location for Your Mini Golf Course

Mon, Mar 18, 2019 at 8:59AM

Choosing the Perfect Location for Your Mini Golf Course

Miniature golf has been a favorite pastime for years. Recently, a new generation has discovered fondness for the sport, and with good reason. This fun and leisurely activity is the perfect choice for a casual date, family-friendly outing, corporate team building event, or any number of other options to make meaningful connections and important bonds.

Still, finding the best location for your miniature golf course can be a challenge. You want and need a site that will attract customers. In addition, you have a natural desire to work with the very best miniature golf course designer, to ensure your property stands out. Thankfully, there are simple and straight-forward ways to set yourself up for business success. Here’s how to get started:

Embrace the Competition

One of the first things on your list might be to scope out the competition. This is great knowledge to have, as it gives you an idea of what other similar businesses are out there. Unfortunately, some company leaders pass on what could be lucrative and rewarding venture when they discover others are doing the same thing right down the block. That’s not always the best idea.

For example, did you know that Myrtle Beach, South Carolina boasts more than 50 mini golf courses in a 30-mile radius? Each of these locations is thriving. How could that be? Business experts say it’s largely because each site offers a unique experience. They’ve all worked with a stand-out minigolf designer to create novel courses that keep people coming back.

In addition, when people are on vacation (or simply taking a break from the stress of work, school, and life duties), they don’t want to drive for miles to find affordable and interesting entertainment. This is especially true for those with large and/or young families, where getting everyone ready can be a time-intensive affair.

Perform Thorough Research

Along with market research, it’s also essential to do some personal investigation. Visit other mini golf courses in your area and get a feel for what they’re doing well, and how you could offer customers a better experience.

For instance, are the holes at these courses fun, exciting, and interesting? Do people seem to be enjoying themselves, or are they upset because the course is too difficult? On the other hand, maybe customers are bored with an easy course, or put off by outdated features. Don’t be afraid to ask other players their honest opinions. All of this data will be immensely helpful as you begin your own business venture.

During this process, it’s also beneficial to explore what goes into designing a mini golf course. One great way to achieve that goal is by reaching out to mini-golf contractors with a proven track record of success.

Consider Audience and Opportunity

As mentioned, the appeal of today’s mini golf courses is broad. Along with families and young people seeking an affordable activity, it’s wise to think of other opportunities to boost your audience.

For example, miniature golf has become an increasingly popular aspect of innovative hotel amenities design. Weary travelers and large families simply don’t want to navigate a strange city in search of exciting attractions. With an on-site mini golf course, you’ll increase both revenue and customer satisfaction.

In addition, mini golf outings are a great office team building activity. As co-workers strategize the best ways to tackle course obstacles, they’ll boost collaboration and trust. This idea also helps reduce conflict, as team members work together toward a common goal. Best of all, employees will have fun together, which translates into a more open and inclusive work environment.

Get Expert Advice

These are just a few of the thoughts that go into building and opening your mini golf business. You’ll also have to consider details such as the size of your course, ticket pricing, and similar. At first glance, the process may seem cumbersome and even overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be.

When you partner with a trusted and reputable company expert at minigolf course design, you gain valuable peace of mind that you’re setting your business up for long-term success. For more than 25 years, Miniature Golf Solutions has assisted countless business leaders just like you with all phases of course development and operations. Contact us today to learn how you can finally achieve your dream of owning a successful mini golf business. 

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