3 Ways Water Features Can Be Used in Your Mini Golf Course Design

Thu, Jul 28, 2022 at 9:37AM

3 Ways Water Features Can Be Used in Your Mini Golf Course Design

Designing and constructing a miniature golf course may seem like an overwhelming task but with the right mini golf course builders, it can be a smooth and seamless process. An experienced and knowledgeable builder knows exactly how to create the landscape required for creative, fun, and successful mini golf course. One of the most popular components that go into a mini course’s design are water features. Water features can be used in various ways to enhance the aesthetic value of your business as well as for other purposes.

Here are 3 common ways golf course builders use water features in their design:

Water Features for a Mini Golf Course Theme

Many mini golf courses are built based on a specific theme such as lighthouses, pirates, jungles, and islands. Along with using props that create and enhance the theme, water features can also be used to create a more attractive setting. Waterfalls can be created for a jungle theme while small-scaled lakes or streams can be made around the props for lighthouse and pirate themed courses.

Water Features as a Visual Attraction

Even if the mini golf course you are creating is not based on a specific theme, you can still use water as a visual attraction on your location. Water has a cooling and calming effect and using it in outdoor locations boosts the appeal and beauty of the course, especially during hot, summer months.

Water Features for Visual Boundaries

If the area surrounding your mini golf course’s location is not very visually appealing or hosts another business that you want to shield your location from, you can use water features such as waterfalls to create borders and boundaries.

Our designers and builders at Miniature Golf Solutions know how important it is for a mini golf course design to include the right components to make it a popular and enjoyable attraction. Contact us to learn more about our projects and services.

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