Designing a Mini Golf Course? How to Make It Fun for Any Age

Mon, Aug 22, 2022 at 12:43PM

Designing a Mini Golf Course? How to Make It Fun for Any Age

Since mini golf is usually a family activity, it has to be fun for everyone — whether they are eight years old or eight decades old. Therefore, miniature golf design has to consider a wide range of skill levels and attention spans — from people who have never picked up a club to seasoned pros. 

1. Have a Theme

Construct a narrative with your miniature golf design! Perhaps an alien invasion or mini safari. Remember, people will play this course multiple times, so the theme

has to be engaging the first and fiftieth time. Complex sound effects and voice-overs can get grating if there’s not enough variety elsewhere in the design.

2. Carefully Design the Challenges

No one likes getting stuck trying a particular challenge. It’s frustrating for the person playing and the group behind them waiting for their turn. Conversely, a course that’s too easy will be boring. You need to aim for that sweet spot right in the middle.

3. Consider Your Customers’ Heights

Tunnels are cool. Tunnels that parents have to keep ducking through will cause them to get annoyed. Similarly, children want to feel like they’re part of the adventure. If a dinosaur is supposed to pop out at the ninth hole and scare the kids, it can’t be at adult height, or it will literally go over their heads. 

This advice applies to clubs, too! Provide clubs that people of varying heights can use.

4. Maintain Your Course and Make It Durable

Let’s be honest. People can be destructive. Kids and parents can put a lot of wear and tear on your course. The fantasy you’ve carefully constructed with your theme can come crashing down if there are holes in the statues, broken animatronics, and fizzy speakers. 

5. Hire a Miniature Golf Course Designer

Finally, if you don’t think you can manage it on your own, get a miniature golf course designer to craft your course for you! These experts specialize in creating interesting mini golf courses that entertain children and adults alike.


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