3 Ways to Market Your Mini Golf This Season

Thu, Dec 22, 2022 at 12:35PM

3 Ways to Market Your Mini Golf This Season

Although mini golf is a lucrative and popular business all year round, there come phases - like in any other business - where you may need to do a little more to attract more customers. After all, even the most thrilling entertainment venues sometimes don’t succeed if no one’s hearing about them.


Here are three marketing strategies that can help you boost your business:


Get Regular on Social Media

Your minigolf business is most probably present on a social media platform, and if it’s not then don’t waste a minute and set up an account! But just having a quiet, passive presence on social media is not enough. Consistent and quality content on your page is what will get you the most marketing mileage out of these platforms. About 4 to 5 posts a week should keep you relevant and when highlight an enjoyable activity like mini golf, coming up with creative content won’t be much of a challenge! Look into advertising on social media as well, targeting the right customers in the right demographic.


Influencer Marketing

Create a buzz for your minigolf business by using influencer marketing. Influencers’ power lies in the huge number of followers they have on their preferred social media platform. Posts or stories about your brand shared by them are going to be seen by thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people. Be sure to guide your hired influencers to a genuinely unique and fun experience, introducing them to the best parts of your crazy golf course design. The more they enjoy, the more authentic content they will be eager to create and market for you.


Reward Loyalty

There’s nothing more gratifying than a loyal patron! That’s when you really know you’ve succeeded at your business. So, reward your regular customers and their families with discounts and freebies to cement that relationship. Word-of-mouth from these steadfast customers is powerful marketing that will spread faster than any paid advertising.

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