Looking For Some Family Fun? 4 Benefits Of Playing Mini Golf With Your Kids

Fri, Jan 06, 2023 at 4:40PM

Looking For Some Family Fun? 4 Benefits Of Playing Mini Golf With Your Kids

One of the most popular aspects of mini golf is how it can always manage to attract such a diverse crowd – from a couple on a first date to office staff on a team building night or seniors on an evening out to a kid’s birthday celebration – it can cater to just about any age.


Mini golf also happens to be a great activity for a family looking to spend some quality time together without distractions. It’s a great way to get some outdoor time, a bit of exercise, share some laughs and enjoy some friendly competition together with your loved ones. Although you may not realize it, but mini golf can actually be quite beneficial for your little ones – wondering how? Here are the top reasons you should encourage them to join you more often on family putt-putt nights:


Social skills

Enjoying a friendly game of mini golf at a venue where other families are present is a good way for your child to gain some confidence, make some friends and learn about social etiquettes and sportsmanship.



Children are encouraged to start making decisions for themselves from a very young age. A round of mini golf can help them gain confidence by deciding how to play their shot, what technique to try and choosing achievable targets – all by themselves!



Children are known to be impatient and mini golf is one activity where they don’t have a choice but to exercise some patience while waiting for their turn. Knowing they must wait, be considerate of others and not give up despite failing a few times are a few things a game of mini golf can very easily introduce them to.


Physical activity

All parents struggle to get their kids away from their screens and spend some more time outside burning all that energy. What better than some crazy mini golf full of twists and turns to make them forget their gadgets for the evening while getting some exercise!

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