Key Considerations When Working with Miniature Golf Course Builders

Sat, Jul 24, 2021 at 1:00PM

Key Considerations When Working with Miniature Golf Course Builders

With the right approach, miniature golf design can entice customers and ensure repeat business. By creating the best possible mini golf course, guests are more likely to stay longer, become immersed in the theme of your course, and even get into some friendly competition with one another. There are a few considerations to keep in mind in order to offer guests the best possible product but when everything comes together, they are sure to play out a full round of golf and come back for a rematch! Keep reading to discover our important putt putt golf design ideas.

Pick a Theme

The first building block of every successful minigolf course design is the theme. Besides making each hole enjoyable to play, you also need to attract guests to your minigolf course to begin with. Think of your course’s theme as its curb appeal – you only get one first impression! A killer theme will show passersby that they can enjoy a unique and engaging activity at your course.


After designating a theme, the next step is figuring out how all your putt putt holes fit together. When spaced too far apart, you’ll need a massive plot of land. If too close together, then guests may find it difficult to focus on and enjoy their current hole. With the proper landscaping – vegetation, rocks, cliff faces, and even waterfalls – each hole can be an immersive experience.


Adding elevation to minigolf course design is an easy way to bolster curb appeal. It’s also an effective way to add distance between holes when you’re short of surface area. By implementing a dimension of verticality in your mini golf experience, you can make guests feel like they are reaching a reward after conquering a steep climb or putting across a difficult slope.


Though it may not seem like the most important aspect of putt putt golf course design, lighting can have a considerable impact on atmosphere and ambience. It is especially helpful if your course stays open after the sun goes down. Proper lighting will make it easier for guests to see the putt putt balls and course holes when it gets darker outside. Besides that, lighting can be included in props or water features to enhance the guest experience.

There is a lot to consider when creating the most optimal mini golf course design for guests, but Miniature Golf Solutions makes it easy! As your leading mini-golf course builders, we are happy to go over the practicalities of themes and landscaping ideas when designing your course. Then, we can figure out the most cost-effective solutions for building a mini golf course that is sure to yield endless entertainment for years to come. Contact Miniature Golf Solutions for your crazy golf design today!

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