Minigolf Designer: Putting Tips for Your Next Miniature Golf Course Visit

Mon, Jun 21, 2021 at 10:00AM

Minigolf Designer: Putting Tips for Your Next Miniature Golf Course Visit

Spring has sprung! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and it’s a beautiful day to hit the mini golf greens. A fun family day may be exactly what you are looking for to really enjoy the weather of the new season - with a side of friendly competition, of course! All you need is a putter, golf balls of your favorite color, and a set of winning strategies. Read on for some of our mini golfing tips to dominate the course this season!

Choose Your Putter Carefully

When choosing a putter, we recommend selecting one in which the top of the putter is around belt level. This makes for a comfortable swing and smooth shots all day long. Given that putter options at many mini golf courses may be limited, consider bringing your own putter to gain the true upper hand.

Familiarize Yourself with Each Hole

Before your first putt, take a moment to observe the lay of the land. Walk from the tee to the cup and note all the slopes, traps, or obstacles in your way. Use players ahead of you to your advantage by watching their pitfalls and learning to avoid the same mistakes.

Putt with Grace, not Power

Unlike actual golfing, mini golf is all about finesse. Most holes on a mini golf course can be completed in just a few strokes that require precise aim and careful power rather than driving a ball for hundreds of yards off a tee. By dialing back your power, you are much more likely to keep your ball in play and maybe even score a legendary hole-in-one.

Calculate Each Stroke

The first hole is usually devoid of obstacles so that putters can build confidence early. But as we all know, the course is quickly riddled with windmills, ramps, and other obstacles. The wall is your friend in mini golf so look at every angle and try to bounce your shot off it to cleverly get around obstacles. Furthermore, account for any uneven spots or cracks in the wall that may throw off your shot.

The Mental Game

Getting in your mini golf opponents’ heads is an easy advantage. If the atmosphere is playful enough, consider creating circumstances for your foes that make for a suboptimal shot when it is their turn to putt. A well-timed sneeze can go a long way towards getting your foes to whiff. The small advantages like this of the mental game can be what separates victory from defeat.

Improvise Some Rules

Mini golf with friends and family is not meant to be taken seriously so make up some of your own rules! Allow players to reposition their ball by the length of their putter if it comes to rest against a wall or come up with more innovative ideas! For example, say that anyone with a birthday on an odd day must putt between their legs on every odd hole. The fun is as limitless as your own creativity.

We hope that these tips help you bring home the title at your next mini golf outing! If you are considering the construction of your very own putt-putt golf course, contact Miniature Golf Solutions! Our expert builders have extensive experience in all aspects of mini golf course design and construction. We have worked with business leaders around the country for over 25 years providing top-notch mini golf courses. Contact us today to get started on an impressive golf course of your own!

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