Putt Putt Golf Course Designs: 3 Unique Places You’ll Find A Mini Golf Course Around The World

Tue, Apr 20, 2021 at 9:30AM

Putt Putt Golf Course Designs: 3 Unique Places You’ll Find A Mini Golf Course Around The World

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When designing a course, a miniature golf construction company will take into consideration what mini-golf players in your business location will find most entertaining. At the same time, the mini-golf course has to be playable and challenging to keep competitors coming back to improve their game. So, what successful courses exist at the center of these two considerations, creating a perfect blend of fun-filled and challenging? Read on to discover 3 crazy golf locations around the world where mini golfers are having the time of their lives.

A scary miniature golf design underneath a funeral home in Chicago

In the basement of the Ahlgrim Acres funeral home in Chicago, mini-golf players can do something to put their minds and hearts at ease that even deceased loved ones would find memorable. The course is 9 holes and sits underneath the funeral home itself. For golfers looking for a respite from sadness, the course’s admission is free. Judging by the pictures, the location might seem a little dark and mysterious. Still, it’s been around since the 1960s - and the Palatine Fire Department even had their Christmas break there.

Crazy golf design: Adventure mini golf in the Indoor O2 Arena near Prague

It’s not just mini-golf contractors who know about this mini-golf course. Natives and tourists from around the world know about the adventure golf course consisting of treasure chests and a story that families would find worthy of pursuing. Courses like these consist of smaller lanes and artificial greens that make putting a hole-in-one a rewarding challenge worth traveling for. As an added benefit, this course is open 7 days a week and can be accessed regardless of the weather, making it a great choice for either the casual or more serious golfer.

Dino Park in Thailand is a model for miniature golf construction company design

This unique location sits beside the Marina Phuket Resort and consists of an 18-hole course totaling about 40 minutes of play with friends and family. The location is layered with jungle flora and stuffed with replica dinosaurs that will be a real treat for adults and children alike. Dino Park in Thailand is one reason why this location was recognized with the Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor for the year 2019. This mini-golf location stands apart from many other less unique courses.

For a mini golf course designer, it should be recognized that creativity adds entertainment to a challenging game. So, for inspiration or just a fun afternoon outing, take a break from the movie theaters and dinners and take your family to a mini-golf course they’ll never forget!

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